3 Painting Techniques For Painting Interior & Feature Walls

There is absolutely no reason why every wall in your house needs to be painted a flat, basic color. Sure, they’ll look nice, especially when painted correctly, but adding a few special effects will enhance the colors and décor in the room. These techniques are fairly simple, and when done right, can really make a feature wall pop. Here are three cool painting techniques to try out:

Technique # 1 – The paper bag method
Paint your walls a base color, and then choose either a darker or lighter shade to go over it. Scrunch up a paper bag and dip one side of it into the paint, making sure to not submerge it – you need a light layer of paint. Press the painted side of the bag into the wall, and then pull it away quickly, just as you would a rubber stamp. Continue until the wall is as desired.
Technique # 2 – Stencils
These aren’t the small stencils that are used on craft projects and in art classes. They are huge (in some cases, several feet long) that are specially designed for walls. Use small pieces of painters tape to anchor the stencil to the wall s o that it doesn’t move around while you’re filling it in. A small sponge or brush will be just the right size for filling in the stencil, but make sure to dab the design in, not brush it, or the effect will not come out right.
Technique # 3 – Antiquing
This is similar to the dry brush technique that’s used when painting ceramics. Once the base coat of pain t is on the wall and has fully dried, take a darker shade of the same color and put very little of it on the brush. Gently brush the walls so that only a tiny amount of paint is left behind, and then follow it with a rag. Dab the rag against the still wet paint. It will settle into the tiny grooves on the surface. If all of these techniques sound too complicated or time consuming, or if you simply want your walls painted professionally, then give us a call at Genoa Coatings.

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