3 Reasons To Re-Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

The outside of your home is the first “face” that you present to not only your neighbors, but also the people who drive down your street on their way to restaurants, shops and other places. It doesn’t matter how nicely the interior of your home is decorated – you will be judged first by its outside. In order to show off how well-kept your house is it will need to be repainted if any of these things happen:

1) The paint color has faded
The outside of your house started off as a dark green, but over time, thanks to exposure to the sun, that color has turned into a sickly shade of green that can best be described as “light puke.” This is a sign that it’s time to repaint. Even the best exterior paint will begin to fade into an unflattering – and sometimes grotesque – color.
2) The paint has chipped or cracked off in spots
No matter how well you have taken care of the exterior of your home and how much that expensive paint and primer cost a decade ago, nothing will last forever, and that includes the painted surfaces on the outside of your house. Eventually exposure to the elements, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, will wear down the paint and cause it to begin to chip, peel and crack. When this happens, there is no way to fix the damage other than repainting.
3) You’re just plain tired of the color and have decided to make the change
Whether you’re planning on redoing the entire yard (plants and all) or are just sick of your house being green when your new favorite color is blue, then by all means, repaint it. Sometimes you don’t need a physical reason when an aesthetic one is good enough. Questions about exterior painting? Genoa is always just a phone call away!

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