Exterior Painting Blunders: Avoid These Rookie Mistakes!

Painting the exterior of your house is not the same as the painting of your interior walls. You can’t just slap on a few coats of paint and call it a day – that’s a rookie maneuver that will result in a bad paint job. In order to avoid the wrath of your housing association or city ordinances, avoid the following rookie mistakes:

Mistake Number One
Not paying enough attention to the weather. You have to wait until the weather is right to paint the outside of your house. It can’t be too hot and humid (so avoid painting in the middle of summer), too cold (don’t paint it in winter) or too rainy. The paint needs time to cure properly, so wait for mild weather temperature-wise, and then check the weather forecasts to ensure that it won’t rain for several days.
Mistake Number Two
Not reading the back of the paint can before starting to paint. Some types of paint may need a specific primer. If you don’t follow the directions and end up using a different primer, the paint might not adhere as well and will begin to crack and peel off as it dries. Save yourself the trouble of having to repaint your house right away by reading and following the instructions.
Mistake Number Three
Not prepping your surfaces properly. The outside of your house gets dirty pretty quickly. Layers of grime can get built up, and it is not a good idea to paint right over them. Prep the outside of your house by filling in any cracks, removing the current layer of paint if necessary, and power washing it before you even think about applying that first layer of primer.
Mistake Number Four
Choosing the wrong colors. Some colors simply will not look right on the exterior of your house, or may clash with the home’s existing trim. Test swatch your paint in a back corner to make sure that it will dry to the shade that you desire and will coordinate well with the window trim and door colors. Otherwise you may end up with an unwelcome surprise once your painting is complete.
Mistake Number Five
Using the wrong type of paint. You need to use exterior paint on the outside of your house. Interior paint will not wear right, so within a few months, you will find yourself repainting your house. The color will fade, it will start to peel, and cracks will form on the surface of the paint. Stick with exterior paints, since they are designed to withstand various weather conditions. After reading this, are you still afraid of making a crucial exterior painting mistake? Call up Genoa Coatings and get your free quote for a professional painting job today!

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