How To Paint Ceilings And Tight Spots In Your Home

It takes time and patience to get your walls painted correctly. One tiny slip-up and they will no longer look professionally done, and will instead look sloppy and unfinished. In order to get your ceilings and other tight areas, such as corners, painted properly, you will need to master several brush stroke techniques and have plenty of patience.

How to Start Out Right
To start off with, when you’re painting a ceiling, make sure that you have the right amount of paint on your brush or roller. Even though you have the floor protected with a layer of plastic, you still don’t want the paint to drip off of the surface. The best way to avoid this is by keeping a minimal amount of paint on your brush, and not overloading it. Sure, it can be a pain to have to keep reaching for the paint pan, but the results will be worth it. You also need to master the art of “cutting in.” This doesn’t refer to cutting in on two people on the dance floor and taking off with someone else’s partner. Instead, it’s a painting method that must be mastered in order to paint the tight spots in each room properly.
How to Cut In
Cutting in is used where the walls meet the window and door frames, as well as where the outer edges of the ceiling meet the top of each wall, where the walls meet each other, and where the bottom of each wall meets the baseboard or floorboards. In order to avoid getting the wrong shade of paint on the wrong part of the room, as well as from splattering your window and door frames, this technique must be mastered. The best way to do this is by preventing the bristles from becoming “fan-shaped,” so don’t press down on them no matter how much you want to. Carefully make several paint swipes in the opposite direction of the tight spot, then connect them perpendicularly with the brush until the entire area is filled in. Of course the very best way to end up with perfect-looking walls is by hiring a professional to do the job for you. A professional painting company in Edmonton like Genoa Coatings has mastered the art of both cutting in and painting ceilings, as well as many other things that will give you the results that you’ve always dreamed of.

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