Interior Painting And Your Return On Investment

There are many things that you can do in order to make your home more salable, including making sure that the outside of it is in good shape, re-doing your landscaping and repairing cracks in your concrete sidewalk and driveway, but none of them boost the likeability factor of your house like a good interior paint job.

Appeal Factor
A lot of potential buyers can overlook the dirt and grime coating your siding and walk past a yard full of overgrown shrubs as long as the interior of your house looks nice. Everything on the outside can be repaired or re-done on a later date, but if the inside is not in move-in condition, then they will not hesitate to go elsewhere.
What Gets the Most Return?
Studies have shown that a good interior paint job is an excellent return on your investment, with it bringing in a whopping 73% of the cost that you paid. This may not sound like much, but when you consider that the same study came up with the fact that the addition of an extra room only boosts the price by slightly more than half of the cost spent, and a basement renovation fares even worse, then the cost of interior painting is a great deal. When choosing to spruce up the inside of your house before putting it on the market, hire professional painters in order to get the job done right. Also, stick with neutral colors, like beige, white and gray in order to shock any potential buyers who might be turned off by purple, red or bright green walls. The idea behind this is to not go with your dream paint colors, but instead, stick with ones that the new owners of the house may not have to change before moving in.

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I highly recommend Genoa Coatings. They did an excellent job in painting the lower level of our home. Gerri and his crew were...Happy Customer
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